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Low Carbon Future Cities

China Environment Research is collaborating in the
project Low Carbon Future Cities funded my the Mercator Foundation.
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China Environment Research is working in different fields of energy and environmental policy in China and other East Asian Countries. Here are the latest news.

August 2013 - Publication: Andreas Oberheitmann: Long-Term Kaya-Identity Analysis and Prerequisites of a Sustainable and Green Economic Growth in a 2°C World. In: ISN ETH Zürich (R).


December 2012 - Publication: Andreas Oberheitmann: Development of a Low Carbon Economy in Wuxi City. "American Journal of Climate Change" Scientific Research Publishing. 1 (2012) 2: 64-103 (R). DOI 10.4236/ajcc.2012.12007.

May 2012 - Publication: Andreas Oberheitmann: CO2-emission reduction in China's residential building sector and contribution to the national climate change mitigation targets in 2020. "Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change". Springer: 17 (2012) 7: 769-791 (R). ISSN 1381-2386. DOI 10.1007s11027-011-9343-5.

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